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Wide Awake.

Ever felt the moment,
when your pseudo self dies,
and your conscience awakens.
When your minds opens wide,
collecting the present reality.

Forget the scheduled meeting,
forget the fight, the race,
forget the crippling inferiority,
and watch the world pass by.

You are a living being.
Savouring the grooving branches,
the bright stonepath,
the breeze teasing your hair,
whispering praises in your ears.

Nature indeed loves you.
She vowed to protect you
and nurture you to your best.

But her kids are now spoiled
with all that affection
they are greedy men and women
who can kill her for themselves.

One fine day,
just as the one you’re walking upon,
she would swallow us in her,
buried in her carcass.

And you realize,
there is much more than desires,
market and capitalism,
public image and rumors.

There is us, and nature,
the simple natural beings
who have a mission to breed earth
with love and positivity.

And here you are at last.
Mother was waiting for you
to get over the hangover.
You’re wide awake.







Won The Liebster Award!


Every award is of significance to me because I feel appreciated for my writings and poetry and the hard work I put in my blog. I thank the beautiful writer and blogger L.E Hunt of The Palace for nominating me. Her work is phenomenal.

So, as per the rules, I answer the questions given by her.

What’s an interesting place you’ve been?
Well, lately I have been exploring my city, New Delhi because I felt the need to discover my own city before travelling the world. I visited a lot of monuments which have been a part of the cultural heritage since the Mughal Era and monuments dating back to thousands of years. I visited Lal Quila, which was constructed in 1639, and has been a part of Emperor Shah Jehan’s reign, to the centre of the declaration of freedom from the colonizing British. It was fascinating to see its domes with mysterious Mughal carvings and enormous gates guarding the monument which was once a palace and the home of one whole civilization. That place was something more than interesting. It was magnificent.

Strange childhood obsession?
This question cracked me up. I have always loved listening to music, but I never knew the lyrics to songs or their names. So back when I was in second grade, we didn’t have Shazam obviously, and I used to keep my radio on until that song arrived again. I stopped doing everything, hush everyone up and enjoyed that song. It was the moment of Nirvana for me. I was, and am still obsessed with finding out new music to listen to, whether it’s malls or restaurants.

Favourite book genre?
I am soft-hearted, yet my guilty pleasure is Thriller. Beyond suspense and scare is the real picture awaiting in the last pages of the book, sometimes yes and sometimes it remains an incomplete mystery for me to think all day.

If given the change to be immortal, would you take it?
My answer is yes, but I would use my immortality with caution and develop the wisdom I seek with knowledge.

Can you whistle?
I can’t actually. It sounds like wheezing wind.

Was there ever a time when you preferred a movie to a book?
Spoiler alert, I have never in life watched a movie based on a book and read the book at the same time. So I never got the opportunity to compare it.

Do you have any pets?
We used to. A dog, and then a canary.

If you had another ability, what would it be?
I think that every human has the potential to develop that ability, so why wish for it?

What place do you want to live the most (real or fictional)?
I am nostalgic of my childhood life in Italy, so there I want to go back.

Favorite Disney movie?
Many, many. I’ll list five instead. Aladdin, Wall-E, Tarzan, Mary Poppins, Lilo and Stitch. Disney has a special place in my heart. Every heartwarming movie of Disney makes me cry, literally.

What is the best thing ever, in your opinion?
Education. Because having knowledge is different from being educated. It can take you places. It can make the world a better place.

Here are my questions. Caution: May be a little heavy on the mind.

  1. What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness at the same time?
  2. What or who inspires you to write?
  3. Are you concerned about the dying Earth?
  4. What do you think is the best way to resolve an issue? (anything under the sun)
  5. Do you keep biased thoughts in mind while appearing diplomatic?
  6. What is your idea of serenity and peacefulness?
  7. Do you enjoy your solitary self?
  8. Are you openly weird or secretly weird?
  9. Do you loathe perfectionists? Or are you a perfectionist yourself?
  10. Are you superstitious?
  11. Have you ever felt that the world is conspired?

And the amazing people that I nominate are:

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Annika Perry


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However, it is seven of them for now.
Congratulations, and thanks to all for being a part of my blogging life.


A woman.

“We All Fall Down” by Aykut Aydogdu


Her beauty lies within the petals,
Of her nasty talks,
Her constant nagging,
And her unaccountability for things.

Her beauty lies in
her diligent persistence,
her sincere affection
her calloused hands,
and her war with herself.

She smells like soap and scent
She smells like hardwork,
she tastes like lipstick
glazed with yeasted sweat.

Her swollen joints are painless,
her womb is numb.
Her bosom is a mere show,
to which her vulnerability succumb.

The baggage under her eyes
is heavier than her burden,
and deeper than
an ocean of sorrows.

Delve deep into them,
and you can swim inside
her vast mind, and her
endless presumptions.

She can never be a equal to man.
For man cannot compete
with this bizarre creature.
He will be left behind.
She is a senseless hag
for finding joy in sacrifices.

She is a woman.





Why I stopped listening to Electronic Dance Music; my transition in music tastes

As a young adult, my lifestyle has undergone major changes, from managing my work as well as my vibes. The more mindful you become, the more your preferences tend to transform. And of course, the transformation is for the better. Juggling with work and university requires great strength and agility, and there is a requirement of being distracted and focused at the same time with right things. We often work with earphones to engage ourselves and concentrate with our multitasking mind. But what we are listening to with them affects us dramatically.

EDM has definitely helped me in maintaining my confidence till my twentieth. It served the purpose of when it was wanted. It made me feel optimistic and upbeat throughout the years. The sense of satisfaction that came with Electronic music is irreplaceable. But one fine day, I happen to come across playlists of Major Lazer and Calvin Harris, and it seemed like noise to me after twenty minutes of playback. I realized I finally grew up. Or I was simply sick of irrelevant songs about women’s bodies. I could not fill my mind with senseless party songs any longer.
Need of good music is crucial. And there comes my transition from Electronic Dance Music to more relaxed beats. I started listening to country music. Now, the transition from a strictly-EDM-appreciator to country is extraordinary, and these series of events led me to changes. I occasionally listen to Rap and Hip Hop too, I didn’t turn into a die-hard banjo lover all of a sudden. I plan to redo my playlist slow and steady, discovering music with substance every now and then, and be open to listen and embrace other less popular genres of music among my peers.



Crack me open,
like a piggy bank,
or an easter egg
like an excited child.

Crack me open,
and gold will pour
out of my soul.

Find the treasure buried,
right beneath the rubble,
of a war once happened
inside my head.

Shining, glistening,
shimmering in the mind,
in the form of sweet words
and good deeds.

And once you find it,
we’ll share it in half
because I helped you find it.
My treasure.




College & Else.

How to make your life happening, without facebook.

Humans are social animals. We survive on food, and gossip. No wonder social media business is thriving on the success and increase in the number of subscribers each minute. But in this busy life, let our work suspend for a moment and simplify our lives. Our generation is the first one to have the commodity of internet. The introduction to the world wide web has made humans adapted to multitasking, and tending to forget their primary priorities. Connecting with people has become extremely facile and human relationships have become hollow.

Our brain is designed to perceive a certain amount of  information about people and things. Adapting to the scientifically advanced lifestyle takes a considerable amount of time and in the last 20 years the world has become unrecognizable. The invention of the first personal computer by Ed Roberts in 1975 foresaw a massive transformation in the lifestyle of the upcoming generation, which tablets and smartphones in the availability and affordability of the common man. Then arrives Facebook in 2004, which changes the game of social media. As of the first quarter of 2017, Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users had surpassed 1 billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. We all are a part of it.

I have an interesting activity in store for you. Log out from all social media websites one day and make a goal of not using any of it for exactly one week. One hour later you would start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You would realize yourself logging into your social media account. Your muscle memory is cemented and you would crave to see what is happening in the interesting lives of your friends. I experienced the same in the first hours of my decision of not using any social media.

In a study by researchers at the University of Winchester, Canada, ten self-confessed Facebook “addicts” and ten prolific tweeters were asked to stop using their accounts for four weeks. Many quickly became isolated from friends and family and reported feeling “cut off from the world”. Excessive usage also causes affects the ability to keep schedules and the lack of sense of time. A severe addict would have anxiety, disturbances in sleep, blurred or strained vision and headaches within a week of being barred from social media usage.

Illustrator: John Holocroft

Why is this happening? Why are we are becoming detached to sentiments and impatient to communicate? In communication, we desire favorable comments that appreciate our false sense of superiority and the measurement of our satisfaction comes from the number of ‘likes’ we get. It is a maze in which we consciously enter and want to remain for ever. Many refuse to come in face with the reality of their lives, and continue to polish their virtual personality rather than their real personality.

Post detachment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Boredom is a spin-off of procrastination and you can eliminate it by doing something else with your mind at the very moment that boredom strikes. I favor jounalling as it helps keep up with pending work and jotting down ideas. It is the key to an organized schedule. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Visit new places. Start a hobby, like baking or dancing. Go swimming or hiking. Donate clothes. Cultivate a green thumb. Volunteer. Meditate. Study. You would find an endless list of activities that would keep you eternally happy without the need to post it on Facebook. In my personal experience, I am less worried and anxious about my last updates on the social media. I input myself with limited and wanted information. It has made my life less complicated.

Sukanya Dev

College & Else.

8 things I wish I could have said to the ‘freshman’ me.

Walking through the halls and through the gate of my college for one last time as a sophomore, as my last examination was over, was an unusual experience. I heard some students mumbling to themselves that today is their last day in the college and this instantly hit me. My graduation day is not far. I thought about my last two years of having seniors as my mentors and amazing friends. And also the fact that I am going to be a senior in a month’s time. I thought about my duties as a senior, and how college is going to change as me being the part of the graduating batch of English Literature. So I made a list of my major advices to my juniors, and I wish I could have gone back into time to tell this to the younger me.

1. You don’t need to impress your seniors. It doesn’t matter how fascinating they may look, and you would want to copy them to mould in the newly earned college life, but it doesn’t work like that, trust me. Every person is different and takes their own time in growing and organizing their life.

2. Spending money on food and clothes is utterly futile. Wear what you feel comfortable and good in, don’t pay heed to judgemental morons and fashion police. I am aware of the numerous college fashion blogs that influence us women greatly, but if you want to dress up or you feel like coming in pyjamas and crocs, don’t stop yourself. Your outfit should depend upon your confidence, not others’ comments. You will need to grow thick skin too. But it wouldn’t matter much as long as you are sure of your purpose.

Secondly, those fragrant restaurants near your college are a bait for hungry students. Have a healthy breakfast in the morning and you won’t feel lethargic post noon. Energy is required to be attentive during all those hours of lectures, and fried food is definitely not helping you. Swap your morning coffee with green tea and include plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.

3. Lectures are important. (but you need to choose among the worthwhile)
I completely relate with the feeling of freedom of choosing between the lectures, and being autonomous. But with great power comes great responsibility. Lecturers definitely teach you something useful, no matter how much your seniors have trash talked about that professor. If you’re sure of the fact that you already know more what he is teaching, you can choose. If you think you can learn more than he is teaching, you should reconsider, because you might lose out on that topic while reading yourself. Sometimes lecturers teach you valuable concepts which definitely help you in writing your exams. Once you become a pro in analyzing your professors, you can freely skip lectures and tutorials.

4. Smart bag packing is crucial during your graduation. The reasons are two – it helps avoid carrying extra burden and saving from embarassing situations. Relieve your bag of all bits of paper and useless things. Always carry an extra pen and tissues. Also, changing bags too often causes to miss some of the contents. Get yourself one sturdy good looking bagpack and you can save a lot of your time. I assure that bag will also be nostalgic after your graduation is over. Watch bagpacking essentials on YouTube for good advices.

5. Be good to people, but not overattached. We’re adults now, and entering college also means socializing as an adult. That means having more mature relationships with people, be it your colleagues during internships or your fellow class mates. We often get swayed away by a lot of new things, but at the end of the day you matter the most to yourself, and keep that in mind for eternity.

6. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Try new things and participate in different activities. Don’t know whether I should congratulate you or console with you, but you’re now responsible for your own actions, not your parents. And isn’t it the greatest feeling? College is just not about a three year degree, it’s much more than that. By the time you get the certificate in your hand, you will be an entirely different person, and damn right I can assure.

7. Start a hobby. Your hobby creates your identity, not your course. Join some classes, explore yourself and your interests because all this life you were taught to become someone. Now it’s time you know who you are and who you’re meant to be. And if you feel that childhood is over, you’re wrong. You have just started. Learn by unlearning.

8. People who do not socialize are not mean. It’s a stereotype. In my case, I have found the coolest humans on Earth in the dark corner of the canteen, stealing Wi-Fi and hogging on crisps and coke. The most resolved people in life are those who keep to themselves. Be friendly to all, and you might find your 3am friends in the most bizarre places. As mentioned before, be open to perceive and understand people.

I am very excited to see new freshermen around in the next semester. Life is going to be different in a month. Well life is always different every day. But major events are likely to take place, like me becoming a sort of a mentor to the newcomers. Learning however doesn’t stop for me here.

College & Else.

“Sometimes, he said, people die laughing.”


Thrillers are amazing. I am reading Assassination of Margaret Thatcher by Hilary Mantel during these vacations, and I promised myself I am definitely finishing this book before my overdue fine exceeds a hundred bucks. If you think that the novel is about Margaret Thatcher, you’re wrong. Never judge a book by its cover, literally. I am at the fourth chapter and still no clue of the iron lady. Which makes me even more excited to know the connection between Margaret Thatcher’s assassination and the rest of the chapters. It is a collection of different stories written by the twice Man Booker Prize winner. If  you can’t travel physically to a new place this summer, doesn’t mean that you can’t go on vacation. You can always grab a soothing book as this, sit in front of the blasting air conditioner in pyjamas and ice cream, and read. Mantel’s writing style is amazingly descriptive of the slightest of sensations, which makes this book a beautiful collection of expressions. She has extraordinary observation and an eye for detail, because of which I recommend this book.



Before I surrender myself to the momentary death,
in the form of sleep,
I count all the sins that I have done
in the lifetime of dawn and dusk.

And the treasures I collected,
to be savoured in the reincarnation
of the next dawn

Empty stomach and an empty morning,
My first wheezing cough marks my awakening.
Cold winds rustling the sheets lying around
remind of my idleness.

Wasn’t yesterday yesterday?
And will today also age to yesterday?

My heart is barren and light,
And the dead silence is melodious.
I stare into the dim lighted walls and shelves,
and I savour the beauty of the moment,
until it becomes unbearable.

I rise,
unwrapping myself
from the cocoon of sheets,
unaware of what my body is screaming for.

Rest, I need rest
from the invasive sorrow.
Introspection rather than inspection
is what a human should seek.

Videogames exist in reality.
But you have to pay heavy to get a new life,
And erase the memories by deep slumber
of starry skies and cherished smiles.